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    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index11/28/2015
Review by To Tishinski: I have been taking my vehicles to Kendals for over 10 years. Very pleased with the service
    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index11/28/2015
Review by To Tishinski: I have been taking my vehicles to Kendals for over 10 years. Very pleased with the service
Now that it is time to change over my to my winter tires I noticed the new lug nuts you installed are a different size than the rest, also are not chrome capped nuts like the others. For the extra I would have payed for the ones to match. Also when the rear brakes were worked on. One of the keyed lug nuts was not re-installed. (passenger rear) where did that go? None of this is a huge deal. But now I have to buy the lug nuts again. Both to match the others, and to have the keyed ones the same. Not a deal breaker, but a pain. Clint Allen.
    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index06/11/2015
Review by Derrick Gillingham: i have been going to ken for the last 4 years and will keep going i know the job will be done wright the first time
    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index05/20/2015
Review by Tom Tishinski: I have been brining my vehicles here for over 15 years. Very happy
    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index04/01/2015
Review by Ruth, Friesen: Excellent service every time we come. Ken goes out of his way for customer care.
    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index03/29/2015
Review by Faith Dyck: Ken has serviced our vehicles from before the time his shop was incorporated as Kendals. We have always appreciated his honesty, helpfulness, and the excellent care which he has given our vehicles. We have never hesitated refering him to others. We are thankful to have been referred to him ourselves, well over 10 years ago.
    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index11/27/2014
Review by Jereme Brown: We have taken vehicles to Kendall auto for years. They are curteous and have done a good job as we have never had to bring the vehicle back to fix the repairs. We have recommended their services to several friends and family.
    NAPA Customer Satisfaction Index01/24/2014
Review by Claude Mason: Only one other service center has treated me with as great degree of professional service and exceptional customer attention
The service was great, and my problem have been resolve.
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Ken's service is always prompt and curteous and his team gets the job done in a friendly and efficient manner.
I brought my car in to determine what the rattling noise was that happened everytime I went over a bump. I was told that it was the front stabalizer bar bushings. I was billed a diagnostic charge of roughly $42 and was presented with an invoice showing the estimate to have just the front ones changed would come to a total of $201 which included the $42. I was told that they had to do this repair first before a further daignostic could be done. Since I had just purchased the car I wanted to do some investigating to find out if this was part of the Safety Inspection as the car came with a Safety on it. I found out from another garage that it was not part of the Safety inspection. This other garage told me that it was also the back bushings that needed to be replaced and they showed me by moving the back stablaizer bar back and forth which produced the rattling noise I had been hearing. They replaced both the front and back stabalizer bar bushings for a total of $173.00 taxes included and did not bill for a diagnostic charge. $201 to change just the front bushing before it could be diagnosed further or $173 for both front and back......you be the judge.
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